We had Harris Tile & Stone completely remodel our master and guest bathrooms and I can't say enough good things about the experience and the result. The bathrooms turned out so much better than we dreamed. We were very impressed with their professionalism, timeliness, clean up at the end of the day, and as another reviewer mentioned they are a lot of fun! Aaron is very easy to work with and easy going when there were design change requests made along the way. I had complete trust in his recommendations. His tile work is perfection and Louie's tile and wood cuts are spot on. I posted photos of both bathrooms so you can see what I mean. I highly recommend them.

J Neal

Harris Tile and Stone just completed a challenging bathroom remodeling project for me, creating a new bathroom and completely remodeling an existing one in my home. This wasn't an easy task since the bathroom spaces were small and a lot of new plumbing had to be done, which involved doing a LOT of digging into the slab foundation. In short, there wasn't much of a margin for error and the potential for a lot of problems! Nevertheless, Rick Harris and his crew were up for the challenge and did an outstanding job, helping create two bathrooms that exceeded my expectations. The project took exactly the amount of time they told me it would when I got the estimate (3 weeks), despite several setbacks. Their crew is small (4 in total), but very hard working, respectful of the home, and good at what they do. Plus, they're all good, decent guys. From what I understand, Rick has been in the business for many years, and it really showed in the work they did and the input he provided when I sought his advice on several design features.
Here are a few key things that I think made my experience with them such a good one:
1. Professional and courteous. They showed up on time and kept me looped in on the progress daily. They did a nice job cleaning up at the end of each day. With any big project like this involving demolition and construction, there will always be some residual mess (like a layer of "contractor dust"); but setting that aside, they kept things clean so the rest of the home was livable throughout the duration of the project. Since I started with only one bathroom in the house, they made sure I had a working toilet and shower throughout the whole project so that I could continue living at home.
2. Quality. Their workmanship is top notch, as is their eye for the details. At the end of remodeling projects, you expect to find a lot of little things that need to be addressed. In my case, there were pretty much none! (And I am a very detail-oriented person.)
3. Honest, direct, and true to their word. From the initial estimate to the final payment, I felt like Rick was always very straight with me, and whenever he told me he'd do something, he'd do it.
4. Good subcontractors. The network of other professionals that they use for the things they do not do (drywall, electrical, shower doors) consists of folks who have worked with Rick for years...and therefore unsurprisingly embody a lot of the qualities Rick and his crew have (good workmanship, respectful, hard working, etc.).
I should note that I took a chance on Harris Tile & Stone after getting a lot of other bids from local contractors who came highly recommended (not kidding...it took me 3 months to get estimates from all of them!). However, Harris Tile & Stone rose to the top of the heap for a variety of reasons, and I am extremely happy that they were available for my project.
Bottom line: If you have a bathroom remodel, big or small, I'd recommend you contact Harris Tile & Stone!


This company did a great job relaying porcelain tile in our kitchen. Their rep Eddie stayed in contact and followed up to check how the job went. His tech Hector was on time, courteous, did a great job, and cleaned up before he left. I would recommend this company. I'm a verified customer.

Daniel B

This amazing company did my bathrooms last year. Amazing. I had so much trust with them, I gave them a huge tack of demolishing part of my house, building a new room and new kitchen, new tile floors, dry wall and paint and new doors! I believe we filled 7 or 8 dumpster. 8 weeks. Next time it's the bedrooms. The remodel was complete in June. Everytime I walk through the house I cannot help have a big smile on my face and much love for Aaron who is the owner and his crew along with all the subcontractors. They gave me my home back. They became like family. Everyone was just great and this was a huge job. So last week in my new kitchen I heard water running in my cabinet next to the dishwasher. So I wondered about the new pipes. I'd call a plumber if need be but I thought I'd contact Aaron. Just in case it was his pipe. He was quick to come over. Found it was a pipe under the house. Not part of his job. But he offered to fix it anyway and refused payment. Who would do that? He has such good ethics, compassion and actually cares about his clients. Who else can say that. Just had to put this out there. Sorry it was so long.

Robin Garvey

I love our 2 bathrooms. Way to go Harries Tile and Stone. They finished in 5 days, shopped with us, covered our floors and they were on time every day. Did I mention they were fun to work with....

Patricia K.

Aaron & Lou arrived on time each day (8 am), filled me in on plans for the day and got to work. They worked as a team, layed tarps down before they came in the house to protect the carpet & cleaned up at the end of the day. They came prepared with all tools & materials in their trailer. Aaron did a beautiful job with the tile, they both take great pride in their work. My bathroom is gorgeous! Project was finished on time (2 weeks). I will recommend Harris Tile to all my friends.

Mary C.